My Chocolate Research

…at Singapore’s Chocolate Research Facility

Chocolate Research facility is a store in Singapore that I had wanted to visit for some time now and just not made it there. A few weeks ago I was in Singapore for client workshops and made the time to go visit. I was not disappointed!

What did I like about it?

Both the store and the packaging has a design sense that showed the owners really cared about visual impact. Each flavour range had it’s own look that built upon the theme of the flavours. City maps for the flavours inspired by the great cities of the world, exotic animal prints for the more adventurous flavours, pretty pastels for the gentler more soothing flavours. It’s a great example of taking your flavour strategy right through to the packaging

The Flavours
Who knew that black sesame chocolate could be so delish? Or that lychees and white chocolate would be my new addiction? With the benefit of your own store and no need to hit retailer hurdle rates for new flavours, the flavour range is experimental and brings flavours we love into new combinations with chocolate.

The Chocolate
What is not to like about chocolate? This range has a smoothness and clean taste that was just perfect. So much so I ended up buying 20 packs under the guise of gifts for the team and ‘market research’!

Some of my happy snaps.. much better imagery on their own website.

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